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You may attach additional pages if needed. Once submitted this application and any supporting document is considered a public record and will be posted on the County’s website and made available to the public and media upon request.

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ARPA Applications Received31 documents

  • ARPA-21-1
    Attorney William Redd
  • ARPA-21-2
    Huntington Sanitary Board
  • ARPA-21-3
    Huntington Sanitary Board
  • ARPA-21-4
    Huntington Sanitary Board
  • ARPA-21-5
    Barboursville Sanitary Board
  • ARPA-21-6
    Culloden Public Service District
  • ARPA-21-7
    Pea Ridge Public Service District
  • ARPA-21-8
    Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Tri-State
  • ARPA-21-9
    City of Milton
  • ARPA-22-1
    Salt Rock Public Service District
  • ARPA-22-2
    Prestera Center
  • ARPA-22-3
    Kaitlin Hughes
  • ARPA-22-4
    Attorney William Redd
  • ARPA-22-5
    HAWC Foundations
  • ARPA-22-6
    Pea Ridge Public Service District
  • ARPA-22-7
    Cabell County Community Svcs Org
  • ARPA-22-8
    River Valley Associates
  • ARPA-22-9
    Recovery Point
  • ARPA-22-10
    United Way of the River Cities, Inc
  • ARPA-22-11
    Cabell County Fire Chiefs Assoc
  • ARPA-22-12
    Huntington Children's Museum
  • ARPA-22-13
    Keith Albee
  • ARPA-22-14
    Huntington Museum of Art
  • ARPA-22-15
    Salt Rock Sewer PSD
  • ARPA-22-16
    Salt Rock Sewer PSD
  • ARPA-22-17
    Salt Rock Sewer PSD
  • ARPA-22-18
  • ARPA-22-19
  • ARPA-22-20
    CONTACT Huntington Inc
  • ARPA-22-21
  • ARPA-22-22
    Salt Rock Water PSD