Cabell County Commission


Kelli Sobonya, Commission President, District 2             

Cabell County Commissioner, Kelli Sobonya, serves the Second District for Cabell County. Commissioner Sobonya is a longtime resident of Barboursville, West Virginia, previously serving in the WV House of Delegates. For seventeen years Mrs. Sobonya represented District 18 in the WV House of Delegates and for four of those years, she was the Assistant Majority Whip. Currently, Commissioner Sobonya is a member of the Barboursville Rotary Club, serves on the Huntington Tri-State Airport Authority Board, serves on the Huntington-Cabell-Wayne Animal Shelter Board, and resides on many other boards across the community. In her role as Commissioner, Mrs. Sobonya also serves on the West Virginia Association of Counties (WVACO) Legislative Committee that assists counties across the states. 

Office: 304-526-8637 Ext. 839
Personal Cell: 304-417-0869

Personal Email:

Liza Caldwell, Commissioner, District 1

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Cabell County Commissioner, Liza Caldwell serves the First District in Cabell County. Commissioner Caldwell is a longtime resident of Huntington, West Virginia being raised within the city. Ms. Caldwell has a robust history in business and development in Huntington, Cabell County, and across the state of West Virginia. Throughout her ventures, she has taken interest in the preservation of historical buildings and sites to capture the telling of our past in Cabell County. Currently, Commissioner Caldwell serves on the Board of Huntington Area Development Council (HADCO), is part of the Cabell County Planning Committee, and headed up the Courthouse Dome Renovation Project to preserve the 123-year-old courthouse. 

Office: 304-526-9838 Ext. 838

Personal Cell: 304-617-2082

John Mandt Jr., Commissioner, District 3

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Cabell County Commissioner, John Mandt Jr., serves the Third District in Cabell County. Commissioner Mandt is a longtime business owner and resident of Cabell County. He currently owns and operates a family business that has existed for over 91 years. Before becoming Commissioner, he served a West Virginia State Delegate for District 16 for a total of five years. During his time in the WV Legislature, he served as Vice Chair on Small Business and Economic Development Committee, Judiciary Committee, and Energy and Manufacturing Committee. Commissioner Mandt's first political office held was the Greater Huntington Parks and Recreation Committee in 1996, kickstarting his political career. Currently, Commissioner Mandt serves on the boards of the Cabell County Solid Waste Authority, is the Chief Local Elected Officer for the Region 2 Workforce Investment Board, and the KYOVA Interstate Planning Commission. 

Office: 304-529-4700 
Personal Cell: 304-416-3647

Commission Office

  • Cabell County Commission meetings are held on the second and fourth Thursdays of every month at 10:00 a.m. at the Cabell County Courthouse Commission Chambers.  Citizens are welcome to attend the meetings and must register to speak if addressing issues not on the current agenda.  Meetings are streamed live on Facebook Live Stream.  For additional information please refer to the Commission Documents and Links.
  • County Commissioners are elected officials. There are three (3) Commissioners in Cabell County serving three (3) distinct Magisterial Districts.  Each Commissioner serves a term of six (6) years, with a rotation of one Commissioner being elected every two (2) years.  At the first meeting in January each year the Commission elects its President for the upcoming year.
  • The primary function of the County Commission is budget development and management, overseeing purchasing for the county, management of county assets, overseeing the governing, management and protection of Cabell County and its citizens.

Commission Documents

  • Commission Agenda
  • Events Calendar
  • Archived Minutes and Agenda
    • YouTube & Facebook Videos
  • Statutory Duties and Authority
  • Commission Transparency
  • Fire Fee Information
  • Holidays
  • US Resolution
  • Current Projects
  • Cabell County Commission Vacancy Application
Commission Links

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Cabell County Community Services Organization, Inc.

Statutory Duties and Authority

The West Virginia State Constitution gives broad powers to the legislature to authorize the county commissions to exercise such other powers and perform such other duties, not of a judicial nature, as the legislature might elect to do. Many of the county commission duties and authorities are set out in Chapter 7 and elsewhere in the West Virginia Code. The following is a partial listof duties and powers.

(West Virginia Code)